Perhaps the most effective way to transform your smile and improve your confidence is though having cosmetic porcelain veneers fitted.

Veneers are a great way to correct aesthetic problems such as an un-even smile line, crooked teeth, stained teeth or misshapen teeth. A dental veneer is effectively a thin tooth facing made of a white porcelain/ceramic material that can be stained and glazed to look just like a natural tooth.

Veneers are relatively un-intrusive and do not often require much altering of the natural tooth underneath. They are also a rather cost effective option, usually costing only a few hundred pounds per tooth.

Many celebrities such as Tulisa Contostavlos and Simon Cowell have benefited greatly from dental veneers and the improvements veneers can make to the aesthetic appearance of a persons smile is vast.

Traditionally, veneers would be made in a dental laboratory by a dental technician. The technician would use molds of the patients teeth, taken by the dentist, to produce veneers that will look great and fit naturally with the patients gum line. Veneers can now be made and fitted in just one appointment however if the dentist has a CEREC machine. CEREC allows cosmetic dentists to be able to design and produce a bespoke veneer or crown in under one hour per tooth!

There are two main types of veneer: ceramic or composite. Ceramic veneers are the strongest and most realistic and they also last for much longer than composites. Ceramic veneers can be made to match existing teeth perfectly and can be made to fit over any shape of natural tooth. Composite veneers are usually only a temporary option (often used when ceramic veneers are being made in a laboratory by a dental technician). They are made of a material called composite resin which is a white coloured, paste-like material. The dentist will place the composite resin over the natural tooth and then sculpt it into the correct size, shape and proportions. Composite resin is a rather weak and very brittle material so will only last for a few years. It is however much cheaper than a ceramic veneer.

Today though there is something even better, something more affordable but just a beautiful. They are clip in veneers or the snap on smile sometimes they are known as press on veneers. All of them are the same thing, which is basically a whole arch of veneers and they clip over your current teeth. So no dentists no drills no fuss. If you have been thinking of a traditional veneer treatment then maybe the clip on veneer could be an option for you.